Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Jack or Jill 2.0 - Male & Female HUNT by Depraved Nation

Depraved Nation Presents:
Jack or Jill 2.0
A split path Hunt 2013
[Feb 1st - 28th]
Sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, Ispachi & Hebenon Vial

Depraved Nation will be running a Division of the Sexes hunt during the month of Feb. and we would like to invite you to join!

This hunt will be split into 2 paths.
A male path and a female path.
Items in this hunt will be placed for sale, for 0L$
Razorblade Jacket will be listed as #00 Start Location!

[ S H O C K ] Factory will participate for the female path with
Dakota Gloomy Skin & Shape
Prize Hint:
The gifts never end ... you always look deeper!

Come to the
[ S H O C K ] mainstore and search for it !
Have fun XD

Join the in world hunt group Depraved Events for help along the way!

★ Depraved Events Group ★

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