Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair 2013

Depraved Nation presents:

Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair 2013
 March 1st to 17st, 2013

Depraved Events Group

I love the Gacha machine and i hope it's the same for you.
I bring to this fair 3 Gacha...and one of this is an exclusive item that you can find only at the Depraved Nation sim at this time!

Unisex piercings & plugs with a change textures in 7 colors!

There are 7 versions of Plug

>>>  5  Common  <<<
★ ColorTv ★ Rasta ★ Peace ★ Grunge ★ Candy
>>>  2  RARE  <<<
 ★ Weeds Power ★ Invaders


There are others 2 Gacha at this fair :

***  NEW  RELEASE  ***

These NEW piercings and plugs comes with a change textures to choose up to 7 colors!
(no just colors added!)
They are modify so you can edit each piece of it to fit with your face.

There are 8 versions of Plug
>>>  5  Common  <<<

★ Alien ★ Zebra ★ Los Muertos ★ 8 Black ★ WTF

>>>  3  RARE  <<< 
★ UK ★ Ohm ★ XXX


12 nice earrings in a Gacha machine.

7 common color textures and 5 Rare fantasy textures!!
Resize script included!

What are you waiting for ...
Run to "Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair" and try your luck!!!

The Whore Couture Fair 2 (WCF2)

Flair For Events™ presents:
The Whore Couture Fair 2 (WCF2)
March 1st to 31st, 2013

Deep inside every woman is a dirty girl waiting to come out, a locked up closet whore that needs to be unleashed!
Whore Couture can help you to achieve such thing.
All the naughty and kinky desires will be release at this Fair!
Come if you dare to be the bad girl that is deep with in!
SL Group
I'm really happy to show you my 2 exclusive items for this really hot fair!

✪ Lace Obsession Nails

✪ Lace Me Up Nails

These nails have a NEW RESIZER that will allow you to use it with ANY SIZE of HANDS !
Comes with 8 polish colors, changeable with a low lag HUD!