Wednesday, December 12, 2012

* F R O S T * event by Depraved Nation

Today The Depraved Nation F R O S T event
opens its doors to the public!!

A lots of exclusives items are marked down 50%

[ S H O C K ] bringing you 3 exclusive items!

"Pierce my face" Piercings & Plugs
With a change textures to choose up to 7 colors!
(no just colors added!)
  They are modify so you can edit each piece of it to fit with your face.

"Skulls & Stars" NAILS
  Available in 7 polish texture colors!
  Nails Sizes & textures customized by HUD

 "Leopard Style" NAILS
  Available in 8 polish texture colors!
  Nails Sizes & textures customized by HUD  

Grab your mans wallet or find your girls stash in the cookie jar and be ready to shop til your pockets are empty because this sim is full of amazing releases!
 Hope to see all of you there <3

*... Happy Holidays ...*


  1. your blog and beautiful (even your own creations), full of wonderful colors...I added your lovely blog to my blog under the heading "other blogs" and I did join in fixed readers, if you like to do the same, I'd be happy,kisses

    1. Thank you so much Margy!
      I appreciate it...right now i don't have a list of blog that i like or others because i don't have more time, but when i can i want to do the same for yours!
      I'm sorry for my english ^^
      Kisses <3